Mobile banking and financial solutions in the market.

With a look to increasing use of mobile phones as a key and critical tool, Sefryek Co. has started to producing software in the field of mobile and cellular phones. Our Company’s services regarding mobile application and software are based on J2ME, Windows Mobile, iPhone/iPad and Android platforms, in this rergard products could be implemented based on GPS, GPRS, WAP and Bluetooth. Therefore if you have started your business recently or you’re managing a big company, Sefryek Co, is one of the best choices for you in order to make your product well known and extend it on most applicable devices, cellular phones

New payment solutions

Developing web based products is a result of using professional and skilled human resources. We use J2EE and for database we prefer  Oracle, MySql, Postgres and MS SqL Server.To guaranteeing our services, Sefryek Co. implements stress and security tests. Our solutions for web based software are absolutely according to outsourced projects criteria. Hence policy of Sefryek includes high quality in design and implementing, strong and friendly communication with customer, justified price and support services.

Production of customized systems

Shown products in this website are those which Sefryek Co. is allowed to mentioned. Others are not listed because of the copyright law.

SefrYek Ideh Hamrah

Sefryek has etablished in 2005 to develop Software, Mobile games and Web services. Sefryek Co. used to develop software for foreign companies till 2009, and since then focused on domestic market with emphasis on Banks and Stock trade market. now SefrYek is well known and countable company in Iran mobile developing Market and launched several projects.